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Granny square crocheted building blocks

The Comeback Granny Square


Granny square crocheted building blocks

Granny Squares

2013 must be the Year of the Granny. Everywhere you look in the Land of Crochet Blogs and crafty, yarny websites, there are granny squares in every pattern imaginable made into reinvented vintage and reimagined modern garments, accessories and home decor. I just happen to be working on 3 different granny square projects. It seems that when a new fad starts to come to life, everyone in the design and fashion world gets the inspiration at the same time, like being struck by lightning. And POW! everyone jumps into the fray with their own version, style and color combination. It’s like catching a cold. Or the flu, for some of us.

Here is my inspiration for the most recent project, a throw from Purl Bee,


  1. I love the ones with pink in them!

  2. Thanks, Kat. I love ALL of them. Grannies are Groovy!

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