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March 26, 2013
by Jade

All Natural Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner DIY

Pip ready to climb the fence post

Going Up?

Pip sitting on a fence post

Post Sitter

Pye gets tangled in the branches


Just a quickie post today for my friends and neighbors (That means You!) This is on UTube by Colorful Canary website. Hope you like it!
Also here’s a link to a Giveaway from Colorful Canary for a jar of Organic Hemp Protein Powder.” title=”Organic Hemp Protein Powder

March 11, 2013
by Jade

Alone But Not Lonely

AloneButNotLonely by Janet Kaufman
AloneButNotLonely by Janel Kaufman

All the qualities a Human who’s fully awake and living in the present strives to attain are embodied in this image. Autonomy, Strength, Order, Connectedness, Centeredness, Suppleness, Harmony, Beauty and Grace. Feel free to add your own interpretation by commenting.

May your life path be Blessed with wisdom and love.

February 24, 2013
by Jade

Be Happy: A Reblog from Scoutie Girl

Winter late afternoon Mission Mountains

Last light in the Missions

First of all I’d like to welcome the new readers who have registered in recent months. My wish is that you will find something here that makes you think, smile or laugh, or be inspired by that contributes to your personal happiness and spiritual growth.

I invite you to visit a favorite Blog of mine, Scoutie Girl, and share today’s post here.
Lastly, I’d like to wish a lovely Happy Birthday to my daughter, Sonja, who we lovingly call Sunni Jo.

The willow in Winter, closeup.

February 5, 2013
by Jade

Living with Animals: Respecting the Bones: An Essay

The willow in Winter, closeup.

Tree. House

I received an email today about a new blog post from Moorea Seal. It struck me that we were kindred spirits and touched me in such a profound way that I wanted to share it with you. Here’s the link to that post. If you’re an animal lover, you will surely want to read it.

Granny square crocheted building blocks

January 21, 2013
by Jade

The Comeback Granny Square

Granny square crocheted building blocks

Granny Squares

2013 must be the Year of the Granny. Everywhere you look in the Land of Crochet Blogs and crafty, yarny websites, there are granny squares in every pattern imaginable made into reinvented vintage and reimagined modern garments, accessories and home decor. I just happen to be working on 3 different granny square projects. It seems that when a new fad starts to come to life, everyone in the design and fashion world gets the inspiration at the same time, like being struck by lightning. And POW! everyone jumps into the fray with their own version, style and color combination. It’s like catching a cold. Or the flu, for some of us.

Here is my inspiration for the most recent project, a throw from Purl Bee,

Preparations under way for Christmas

December 18, 2012
by Jade

It’s starting to feel allot like…

Decorations on the bookshelf

Christmas lights

Pye checks out tje Misfit Toys globe

Santa who?

Hot Cholate bar.

Hot Chocolate Please!

Pye keeps watch over the gifts.

The Vigil

Pip and Pye on the wrapping table

Waiting for Christmas

Pip curled up pn his new blanket

A Swirl of Kitty

Old tree in December

Winter Tree

Preparations under way for Christmas

Santa’s Helper

I know it’s December 17th already, but I’ve never really gotten into the Christmas spirit until December first rolls around. I guess maybe it’s because I tend to live in the Now and I don’t see any purpose in wasting time worrying or preparing for a holiday that’s months in the future. But I do enjoy the season while it’s here. The lights and decorations, the scent of pine and fir trees, the tangy taste of spiced cider and gingerbread men, the soothing comfort of hot chocolate and peppermint candy canes. I mean, what’s not to like, unless you overspend, and that’s a personal choice. Despite all the commercials and peer pressure to outdo your neighbors and relatives, nobody’s twisting your arm.

So my cards, if I send any, are usually late, becoming New Years wishes, and my gifts often arrive after the tree’s been taken down, but I don’t and won’t feel guilty, apologize, or make resolutions to do better next year. To me, a non-Christian, it’s not about a particular date, it’s a Winter Solstice celebration, a time to show kindness to others, a time to renew our faith that the days will start to get longer, that things will always get better. That our troubles, like winter, are merely temporary.

I’m sharing some images today from my little piece of the planet which I hope will add to your enjoyment of the season no matter how you choose to spend it. And may there be peace and gratitude in all your celebrations.